Interview: Shelby Blondell

Interview: Shelby Blondell

We always love to see singer-songwriters in town on tour and we caught up with Shelby Blondell from the US, who will be performing for the first time here in Bangkok on March 25th, to ask her about her music and hear her story.

What brings you to Thailand and have you toured anywhere else before?

This is my first trip to Thailand and for two reasons. I am alongside a group from University of Baltimore (I am also in an MBA program) as well as performing at KAI New Zealand. I do many performances in the states alongside national acts. And have a radio/ social media presence In the U.K/ Netherlands/ Middle East/ Asia.

When did you start making original music and how did it come about?

I wrote my first song when I was 9 … although I’m not positive what it was about or any good for the fact. I began really writing in high school, around the age of 17. I grew up playing instruments. As I got older I saw the power of music, especially lyrics. I saw writing and being a songwriter/ performer as a way to help make an impact.


How would you describe your music to people who haven’t heard you before?

If you can imagine Sara Bareilles, Johnny Cash and Adele having a tailgate with One Republic, Coldplay and Andy Grammar, that would be the music/ style and brand of Shelby Blondell.

What are some of the struggles you’ve had in your life and do they influence your music?

I was born with craniosinastosis. With my operations being much later then usual (age 3/4) my brain surgeries were much more involved and risky. Ben Carson performed one of my craniotomies. This was something in my life that taught me to never give up. I have been able to use my story to touch other lives and spread hope. I call myself a SONGWRITER THEN SINGER AND PERFORMER. It’s my songs that I want to be able to have an impact.

What’s next for you? New music, more tours?

Tons of new music. New shows. And world music!

Catch Shelby Blondell live at Kai on March 24th:

Find out more about her music here:
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